Improve Your Love Life with Biomimetic Porcelain Veneers

Moorestime Dental There’s no doubt Americans are obsessed with their teeth. But few people are born with perfect smiles. Maintaining proper oral health habits and keeping up with your dental needs can do more than give you a glowing report from your Moorestown Biomimetic Dentist. The right biomimetic dentistry procedures can also improve your life in countless ways. Porcelain veneers are the “celebrity secret” to red carpet smiles, but anyone watching the latest Hollywood drama or blockbuster from their favorite recliner can get the smile of their dreams just as easily and potentially even ride off into the sunset with the partner of their dreams; or at least keep their social calendars booked for a while. But how and why can biomimetic porcelain veneers improve your love life? 

Keep More of Your Healthy Tooth Structure
The entire purpose of biomimetic dentistry is to keep as much of the patient’s original tooth structure as possible. Porcelain veneers usually require removing a small portion of the enamel from the tooth or teeth needing to be repaired. While that doesn’t usually hurt, it can be uncomfortable. Enamel doesn’t grow back or regenerate, so once it’s gone, it’s really gone. That causes the tooth to become more flexible which, in turn, can make it crack or loosen the bonding agent over time. Biomimetic porcelain veneers need even less enamel removed which translates to stronger, healthier teeth now and in the future. Healthier teeth mean healthier smiles. And that’s always good for your love life. 

Avoid and Prevent Further Tooth Staining or Discoloration
Even one badly stained tooth can be enough to keep you from smiling and interacting with the potential love of your life, and the home whitening kits can’t fix intrinsic stains. One of the main reasons people get porcelain veneers is to conceal or correct moderate-to-severe tooth discoloration. Porcelain veneers are customized to fit each patient’s specific needs, so the new addition will blend in instead of stick out. In fact, you’ll look like you were born with that perfect new smile. 

Multiple Issues Can Be Corrected or Concealed
Small cosmetic dental issues can create a big problem when they compound. And the more issues, the more work needs to be done to correct them. Fortunately, porcelain veneers can correct several issues at once. Cracks and chips can spread and lead to bigger concerns including full-blown tooth fractures and avulsion if ignored too long. And a moderate diastema or even a minor tooth gap can lead to serious ongoing confidence issues. Properly formed and placed porcelain veneers can cover and conceal all the small issues before they become big pains. And once you start smiling again, others will surely notice. 

Biomimetic Porcelain Veneers Are Easy to Maintain and Keep Beautiful
The last thing anyone wants is for their dental work to dull or worse, pop out or be an embarrassment during a social or intimate moment. Fortunately, biomimetic porcelain veneers are easy to maintain. Simply brush twice a day and floss once like you would with your natural teeth. And don’t forget to schedule and keep necessary checkups and annual appointments with your Moorestown Biomimetic Dentist. Give us a call when you’re ready to see how porcelain veneers can improve your love life.


5 Benefits to Choosing Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

dental implants new york cityApproximately seven percent of people in America have lost at least one tooth by the time they turn 17. This can include wisdom teeth. That percentage soars to 69% for people between 35 and 44. The average American loses 12 permanent teeth by the time they reach 50, and 26% of seniors between the ages of 65 and 74 are completely edentulous. People lose their teeth for a number of reasons, but tooth extraction is usually due to either excessive decay or ignored or untreated periodontal disease. Dentures are often chosen to replace original teeth, but those can be uncomfortable and problematic. Fortunately, your Midtown Manhattan Dentist can correct your tooth loss issues with dental implants. But why should you consider dental implants to replace missing teeth? 

Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural
Dental implants contain two components: a titanium root and a prosthetic crown. Like basic crowns, when performed correctly by a competent dentist, dental implants look identical to your healthy natural teeth. Once the abutment is accepted and the crown is finally in place, your dental implants will look, feel, and perform daily life needs as easily and efficiently as your original chompers did on their best days. 

Dental Implants Are a Permanent Solution
Dental materials are stronger than ever, and many cosmetic and restorative procedures are strong enough to handle life demands for quite a while before needing to be repaired or replaced. Dental implants top all of those procedures in durability and life resistance. On average, dental implants can easily last 15-25 years or longer. In fact, one patient had theirs for 40 years without a single problem. Depending on the age the patient is when receiving the procedure, dental implants can be a permanent lifelong solution. 

Dental Implants Resist Decay
Unlike natural teeth, dental implants usually resist decay. The titanium abutment is the primary cause of that since titanium not only doesn’t corrode, but it also discourages bacteria formation around the implants. Decay can still form around the gums, crowns, or surrounding teeth if oral and dental care are lacking after the procedure. But if you maintain the implants correctly, they should continue to resist decay and look beautiful for years to come. 

Dental Implants Can Save Your Remaining Teeth
Dental implants can only be offered to patients with strong jawbones as the abutment acts as an anchor. Once dental osseointegration is completed, dental implants help maintain and strengthen bone density. Unlike bridges that require two existing teeth to anchor the device, dental implants can stand alone. Therefore, they don’t compromise or weaken existing and surrounding teeth. That helps ensure your remaining teeth have a fighting chance.

Dental Implants Boost Confidence and Improve Life
Dental implants won’t slip, shift, or suddenly adjust in the mouth. Because they’re thoroughly anchored, they won’t loosen or pop out while eating popcorn or at a family barbecue. Dental implants look, feel, and perform just like your natural teeth did at their strongest moments. So you can smile, chatter away, and eat your favorite foods without worrying about embarrassing or painful issues popping up. Give your Midtown Manhattan Dentist a call when you’re ready to discuss if dental implants are right for you.

Top 5 Behaviors That Can Stain Your Teeth

teeth whitening new york dentistAccording to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of Americans credit the attractiveness of one’s smile for social success in life. Since the U.S. holds the biggest share in the global teeth whitening market, it’s no wonder the entire teeth whitening industry is expected to reach almost $7.5 billion annually in USD revenue by 2024. The tooth whitening market contains countless whitening treatment options, including pastes, rinses, flosses, strips, and professional teeth whitening options. What the products claim they’ll do versus what they actually manage to do are often different stories altogether. Some stains and tooth dullness during life can’t be avoided. However, your own personal habits and behaviors may be adding to the problem. Try to avoid or adjust these common behaviors to avoid unexpected tooth discoloration and stains.

Your Eating and Drinking Habits
What you put into your mouth can do far more damage than lead to weight issues or potential bodily diseases. The wrong food and drinks can also damage and stain your teeth. But even some relatively “harmless” or healthy options can do the same. Beets, berries, soy sauce, and tomato sauce can take a real toll on the vibrancy of your teeth. Soda, energy drinks, citrus juice, wine, coffee, and tea can also dull your smile. Tannins and acids, often from sugar, are the culprits. The right whitening treatment options can go a long way to reversing and putting an end to the trouble once and for all as long as you don’t wait too long.

Smoking, Chewing, or Vaping Tobacco Products
Smoking habits are responsible for approximately 6 million deaths annually and almost 900,000 smoking-related fatalities are due to secondhand exposure. Nicotine is the primary cause of addiction and the use of vaping products has given the habit a resurgence as almost 3 million American high school students and nearly 700,000 middle school-aged kids admit to using tobacco products. Approximately 40% of those younger users admit the “fun flavors” hooked them. Beyond all the other health issues surrounding the disgusting habit, smoking stains teeth. The nicotine and dozens of other harmful chemicals can leave behind yellow, gray, or brown stains, often resulting in permanent dots. Moreover, the acids and ash can weaken enamel, lead to tooth loss, and damage your gums. 

Used and Relied Upon Medications
You can’t always avoid medication, but certain medications can stain your teeth. Antipsychotics and medications for hypertension can discolor teeth from the inside. Well-known antibiotics like doxycycline and tetracycline do wonders with treating acne and other skin infections. But when those two antibiotics are given orally to kids under the age of 8, tooth discoloration and stains often occur. Over-the-counter antihistamines can also discolor teeth in kids and adults. 

Being a Competitive or Habitual Swimmer
Swimming is a great fitness option and a favorite one at that for millions of Americans. But if your teeth hurt or become sensitive after pool time, you’re not alone. Pool water is chemically treated and has a high pH level that keeps saliva and enzymes from doing their job in your mouth. The more exposed you are to those chemicals in pool water, the more likely they are to wear down the enamel and stain your teeth. Fortunately, the damage usually first appears on the front teeth and can be easily treated by your Midtown Manhattan Dentist.

Poor Or Inconsistent Oral Health Habits
Inconsistent oral health habits can lead to all sorts of dental problems, including stains and permanent discoloration. When acids sit on your teeth too long, they weaken the enamel and allow bacteria and decay to destroy the dentin. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once can remove surface stains while removing hidden food that bacteria rely upon in your mouth. Scheduling and keeping appointments with your Midtown Manhattan Dentist can also help ensure any future issues are caught quickly to keep your smile bright and beautiful for years to come.

5 Reasons Teens Love Invisalign

Invisalign Red BankSmile quality is an important quality to almost every American, but only around 35% of people have straight teeth heading into adulthood. Braces used to be a rite of passage for adolescents, but more and more adults are waiting to get their own orthodontic work done later in life. Childhood is hard enough without the hindrance of traditional metal braces. Fortunately, Invisalign can save them years of added emotional trauma and confidence issues. But why do kids love Invisalign for teens? 

Invisalign Is Clear
Invisalign aligners are made from a special material called SmartTrack®. This FDA-approved thermoplastic material is specifically made to be clear, strong, and do the necessary job in as little time as possible. The aligners fit right over the teeth, so there are no brackets, wires, or metal components to worry about. That means your teen can socialize, smile, and enjoy their friends without feeling like they’re sticking out like a sore thumb. 

There Are no Food Restrictions
When getting braces, your dentist will usually give you a long and specific list of off-limit foods. This is to protect the appliance and avoid causing extra issues such as bacteria buildup and decay between appointments. That’s not a concern with Invisalign. As long as you follow the care instructions, no foods are off-limits simply because they could harm the aligners. You’ll still need to follow a healthy diet and enjoy special snacks in moderation for health reasons, but you won’t have to avoid your favorite treats just because of dental issues.

Invisalign Is Removable
One of the best parts of the Invisalign for teens treatment is that the aligners are removable. The aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours a day to do their job. But they need to be removed for eating, drinking, and maintenance purposes. Each aligner comes with its own specially designed carrying case, so there are no worries about misplacing the aligners as you eat. Simply remove them, place them in the container, eat your meal or snack, brush your teeth and the aligners as your Red Bank Dentist recommends, and replace the aligners back in your mouth. It really is as simple as that.

Athletic or Active Lifestyles Are Permitted
Extracurricular activities such as sports and even music endeavors are essential to adolescent growth. However, many coaches, instructors, and even dentists refuse to sign acceptance forms for kids who wear braces. Besides the potential appliance damage, rough behavior via sports or even adjusting the mouth correctly for band can lead to popped wires, sharp metal edges, and mouth injuries. That’s not an issue with Invisalign. The aligners can often be kept in while participating in the activity. But even if that’s a concern, Invisalign is removable and can potentially be replaced after practice or the event. 

Invisalign Requires Fewer Trips to the Orthodontist
Traditional braces require orthodontic appointments to be scheduled and kept on a 4 to 10 week basis. That can be a chaotic challenge for any busy family. Invisalign, however, only requires visits to the orthodontist every 10 to 12 weeks. And since the Invisalign for teens treatment averages 10 to 18 months for completion compared to several years for braces, that leaves a lot of extra time for family fun. Give your Red Bank Dentist a call to discuss if Invisalign is right for your teens.

4 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Dental phobias and anxiety are very real problems that affect many Americans. Dental phobias are severe versions of anxiety which can easily keep the sufferer from ever seeing a dentist on their own. These phobias only affect up to 15% of the population. Dental anxiety, on the other hand, can range between being moderate fear to being just as paralyzing as a phobia at times. Some type of dental anxiety affects closer to 85% of the population. Fortunately, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help set your mind and nerves to rest with the right gentle medications. But what are some benefits of sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Can Reduce or Eliminate Pain
dental sedation in johns creekSerious dental fear and phobias often surround the preconceived notion of pain during the procedure. There’s usually more than enough pain due to the dental issue leading to the corrective treatment as it is, so why add to it? Fortunately, sedation dentistry has you covered there. The brain connects pain sensation with negative memories, but specific anesthetics don’t allow the brain to register that pain and build new or connective memories. No pain in the dentist’s chair means less pain later.

Sedation Dentistry Can Reduce Anxiety
Dental anxiety can be so stressful and severe that the patient can break into nervous sweats and be ready to bolt as soon as they see the ‘s chair. Add in nausea and heart palpitations, and dental anxiety is no fun for anyone. Sedation dentistry can easily reduce anxiety so you can breathe and relax during the treatment. Yes, you’ll still need to get control of yourself prior to the medication. But some can even be administered prior to entering Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for the procedure, so all you have to do is have a trusted friend or loved one get you to and from the office.

Sedation Dentistry Can Control the Gag Reflex
Most people have a gag reflex, and that’s a good thing since it helps dispel foreign or dangerous objects from the esophagus. But that reflex is easily triggered in certain dental procedures that require a more in-depth exploration of the mouth region. Competent dentists are used to the natural behavior and can work around it most of the time. But it can potentially keep the dentist from going deep enough into the oral cavity to correct or diagnose the patient’s issue or condition. Sudden spasms can also end up causing damage or injury to the patient. Certain medications, such as nitrous oxide, in sedation dentistry helps temporarily numb or paralyze the reflex so the dentist can do their job without any unnecessary risks.

 Sedation Dentistry Can Help Your Dentist Work Faster
A nervous, anxious, or scared patient almost always has trouble staying still while the dentist is working on their teeth. The more nervous the patient is, the more they’re bound to move, shift, and even slide around in the chair to avoid any preconceived or expected discomfort. That makes it very difficult for the dentist to do their job, let alone avoid unnecessary problems in the process. Sedation dentistry can relax the patient just enough to bypass the squirming or lull them into a gentle sleep so they wake up refreshed right after the procedure is over. Give Family & Cosmetic Dentistry a call when you’re ready to discuss sedation options and regain control over your oral health.