4 Reasons to Love Invisalign Clear Aligners

invisalign love impressions dentistryAccording to Humana, over 4 million people wear traditional metal braces. While that’s often seen as a rite of passage for adolescents, it may be surprising to know that approximately 25% of adults wear traditional braces. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing traditional metal braces, and they’re sometimes recommended for specific orthodontic issues. However, there are reasons many people prefer and love Invisalign over other options. 

No Off-Limit Foods 

A good orthodontist will give a patient with traditional braces a long, detailed list of off-limit foods. These foods include sticky sweets and treats. But they can also include popcorn, ice, chips, hard veggies, and corn on the cob. There are no food exclusions with Invisalign. Your dentist may suggest limiting sweets and other sugary or acidic treats to maintain good dental hygiene. But if you want to indulge once in a while, go for it! 

Maintenance Is a Breeze 

Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit snugly against the patient’s teeth. But that doesn’t mean food and bacteria won’t still get in the aligners. Therefore, it’s essential to remove them for meals and when drinking anything but water. This will also allow the wearer to brush their teeth and clean the aligners before replacing them over their teeth. It’s important to follow the directions of your dentist to ensure you keep up with proper care throughout the procedure. But if you wear them around the clock outside of meals and dental hygiene times, proper maintenance is a breeze. 

They’re Practically Invisible 

Unlike metal or even clear braces, Invisalign aligners are truly clear. That means there are no brackets, elastic bands, or other parts of the procedure that will pull attention away from your smile. So no one needs to know about your dental needs unless or until you’re ready to share that information. Invisalign is great for teens and adults alike, but the clear aligners are especially beneficial for social events and work needs where the patient is regularly being captured in live video, in pictures, in high-demand business relations, or otherwise in the public eye. The aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours daily to be effective. So you can even remove them when you’re out with friends for a short period or on a date if you don’t want them to know you’re wearing Invisalign. 

Fewer Dental Appointments 

Traditional braces require ongoing adjustments. These can often be painful or uncomfortable since they can include tightening, readjustments, abrupt cleaning, and even cement removal and applications. Invisalign also requires checkups, but usually for painless aligner fittings. Most of the time, your orthodontist will just want to make sure the procedure is progressing properly. While Invisalign appointments may still be required at first every month or two, many patients only have to visit their dentist a few times during their entire treatment. Fewer visits can equate to less dental-related stress. Consider us for your cosmetic dentistry in Chandler, AZ needs, and we’ll help you decide if Invisalign is right for you.

5 Reasons Teens Love Invisalign

Invisalign Red BankSmile quality is an important quality to almost every American, but only around 35% of people have straight teeth heading into adulthood. Braces used to be a rite of passage for adolescents, but more and more adults are waiting to get their own orthodontic work done later in life. Childhood is hard enough without the hindrance of traditional metal braces. Fortunately, Invisalign can save them years of added emotional trauma and confidence issues. But why do kids love Invisalign for teens? 

Invisalign Is Clear
Invisalign aligners are made from a special material called SmartTrack®. This FDA-approved thermoplastic material is specifically made to be clear, strong, and do the necessary job in as little time as possible. The aligners fit right over the teeth, so there are no brackets, wires, or metal components to worry about. That means your teen can socialize, smile, and enjoy their friends without feeling like they’re sticking out like a sore thumb. 

There Are no Food Restrictions
When getting braces, your dentist will usually give you a long and specific list of off-limit foods. This is to protect the appliance and avoid causing extra issues such as bacteria buildup and decay between appointments. That’s not a concern with Invisalign. As long as you follow the care instructions, no foods are off-limits simply because they could harm the aligners. You’ll still need to follow a healthy diet and enjoy special snacks in moderation for health reasons, but you won’t have to avoid your favorite treats just because of dental issues.

Invisalign Is Removable
One of the best parts of the Invisalign for teens treatment is that the aligners are removable. The aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours a day to do their job. But they need to be removed for eating, drinking, and maintenance purposes. Each aligner comes with its own specially designed carrying case, so there are no worries about misplacing the aligners as you eat. Simply remove them, place them in the container, eat your meal or snack, brush your teeth and the aligners as your Red Bank Dentist recommends, and replace the aligners back in your mouth. It really is as simple as that.

Athletic or Active Lifestyles Are Permitted
Extracurricular activities such as sports and even music endeavors are essential to adolescent growth. However, many coaches, instructors, and even dentists refuse to sign acceptance forms for kids who wear braces. Besides the potential appliance damage, rough behavior via sports or even adjusting the mouth correctly for band can lead to popped wires, sharp metal edges, and mouth injuries. That’s not an issue with Invisalign. The aligners can often be kept in while participating in the activity. But even if that’s a concern, Invisalign is removable and can potentially be replaced after practice or the event. 

Invisalign Requires Fewer Trips to the Orthodontist
Traditional braces require orthodontic appointments to be scheduled and kept on a 4 to 10 week basis. That can be a chaotic challenge for any busy family. Invisalign, however, only requires visits to the orthodontist every 10 to 12 weeks. And since the Invisalign for teens treatment averages 10 to 18 months for completion compared to several years for braces, that leaves a lot of extra time for family fun. Give your Red Bank Dentist a call to discuss if Invisalign is right for your teens.

4 Things Parents Need to Know About Invisalign Teen       

Few people are lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth. But even fewer continue that luck once the baby teeth fall out. Over one-third of Americans admit to being unhappy with their smiles, and those feelings often begin during adolescence. Braces are rites of passage for many kids and the suggested age for that treatment is usually between 10 and 14. It’s hard to pinpoint how many kids undergo orthodontic treatment, but the American Association of Orthodontists reports at least 4 million Americans are wearing braces at any given time. Braces aren’t right for everyone and they’re certainly not the only option for orthodontic correction. Invisalign teen can be a great solution as an invisible way to get straighter teeth. But what are some things parents need to know about Invisalign teen?

Invisalign Teen Invisalign Offers More Freedom than Other Orthodontic Options
The Invisalign treatment includes aligners that are removable for eating, drinking, and cleaning purposes. Orthodontic work can be expensive and become damaged if mistreated or taken care of incorrectly. Kids with braces are restricted from enjoying certain foods and even playing sports and instruments in some cases. Protective mouth guards can’t be used with braces. However, Invisalign allows the patient to eat whatever they like in moderation and even play sports and engage in band or music lessons with certain simple adjustments.

Invisalign Needs to Be Worn Most of the Day
Braces are a permanent solution during the time they’re worn, but Invisalign can be removed. That doesn’t mean there aren’t rules to getting the most out of the treatment. Invisalign teen aligners have to be worn at least 20 to 22 hours per day. Invisalign Teen aligners have little blue dots on the molar impressions to indicate they’re being worn correctly. As the treatment time advances, the dots fade similar to toothbrush stripes. That way, the users, parents, and your Red Bank dentist can track compliance and progress.

Invisalign Can Be Just as Effective as Braces, But There Are Limits
Invisalign is a completely customized treatment plan. And when the specific patient rules are followed to a tee, Invisalign can be just as effective as braces. Most common issues are easily treated by both options, but Invisalign does have some limits. Invisalign is not a good fit for people with existing bridgework. And those with serious malocclusion such as back bite issues, tooth lengthening needs, or twisted or rotated canines and incisors require more intense cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic options. Still, Invisalign teen can help repair most issues without worry as long as the treatment is followed correctly.

Invisalign Can Greatly Improve Your Teen’s Confidence
According to research, almost a third of teens are seriously self-conscious about the condition of their teeth. But confidence issues extend to other areas of their body in approximately 96% of those cases. Traditional braces tend to have a negative impact on peer pressure-related confidence issues. But that’s not an issue with Invisalign. The clear aligners are the invisible way to get straighter teeth which means teens can laugh, smile, and even engage in social activities and pictures without feeling the need to shy away. Your Red Bank dentist can help determine if Invisalign Teen is right solution for your kids.

Make Your Summer Fun with Invisalign

InvisalignSummer and freedom go hand-in-hand, but traditional orthodontic treatments can create serious seasonal challenges. Sports, snacks, and smiling galore are part of the summer experience, yet all three of those are all-too-often limited while wearing metal braces or dealing with untreated dental issues. Wearing Invisalign can make all the difference this summer. But just how can your Red Bank dentist make your summer fun with Invisalign?

 Invisalign Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Treats

 Summer treats are around every corner, and even items like Popsicles, pizza, and trail mix can get stuck in braces. Moreover, they can damage the wires leading to an expensive and often painful experience. That’s not a concern with Invisalign. While the general rule is still not to go overboard, the ability to remove the aligners means there really are no limits on what you can enjoy… within reason, of course. So taste that taffy, pulverize that pizza, and chomp on those churros. Just make sure to follow-up with proper cleaning and replacing your aligners after snack or meal time.

 Invisalign Lets You Play Your Favorite Sports

 Sports and rough play of all kinds are just part of the summer experience, but that can be a serious challenge with traditional braces. In this day and age of extreme sports-related injuries, mouth guards are often a requirement. Invisalign aligners may seem as though they’d work for that purpose, but that can be a painful and expensive mistake. Invisalign is not the same as a mouth guard and the aligners can actually shift and harm the mouth if left in during sports play. Plenty of fun can still be had. Just make sure your kids know to remove the aligners prior to wearing the appropriate mouth guard for sports play and replace the aligners when they’re done.

 Invisalign Keeps Everyone Smiling

 According to a national study, almost one-third of Americans don’t smile in pictures and over 80% of Americans admit they don’t think their smile is attractive. With social media invading homes, schools, and businesses, millions of Americans end up scrambling to untag themselves on a regular basis. This is a common situation while wearing metal braces because social media easily becomes viral and kids have it rough enough without the extra bullying from complete strangers. But Invisalign allows your confidence shine through. So let that gorgeous smile reflect the fun you’re having this summer. No one has to know you’re wearing your aligners unless you disclose that fact, and all anyone will notice is your brilliant smile.

 Invisalign Is a Comfortable, Convenient, and Quick Solution

 Wearing Invisalign can be a comfortable, convenient, and quick solution to multiple orthodontic needs as long as the basic rules are followed. Invisalign aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day to be effective. Since they’re removable, that allows extra freedom to eat, snack, drink your favorite beverages and even give your gums a break if needed. Cleaning is simple since gentle detergent or even toothpaste and a soft toothbrush work wonders. And while traditional braces may take up to five years to complete treatment, Invisalign treatment can be completed in an average of 18 months. Contact your Red Bank dentist to see if Invisalign is right for you.


4 Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

invisalign teenThere’s no doubt or use in debating the effect of braces for serious orthodontic concerns. In fact, according to Humana, more than 4 million Americans currently wear braces. That total almost doubled between 1982 and 2009, and it keeps growing. But not everyone who needs orthodontic improvements wants braces. In many cases today, the cons of wearing braces often outweigh the pros. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to just keep dreaming of that perfect smile thanks to Invisalign, the almost invisible way to straighten teeth. But what are some major benefits of Invisalign for teens?


Most adolescents at one point or another are caught between wanting to be the center of attention and wishing they could fade into the shadows. While traditional metal braces are a rite of passage for many, they also often make an already insecure or visually focused teen retreat… at least until the procedure is completed. However, Invisalign can help your teenager come out of their shell and rejoin the human race. The clear aligners are almost completely invisible and allow teens to engage in social activities without the potential negative stigma of metal mouth. And that’s priceless.

 More Food Freedom

One problem with traditional braces is the food limitations. Crunchy snacks, popcorn, gooey sweets, and even certain fruits and vegetables are completely off limits unless you want to end up with broken wires and extended procedure time. However, that’s not such an issue with Invisalign. The clear aligners are removable which make strict dietary limitations during orthodontic treatment a thing of the past. So your teens can still enjoy their favorite treats, sweets, and snacks to a point. As always, moderation is key to avoid other potential health and dental issues down the road. But certain foods don’t have to be off-limits for years anymore simply due to a dental procedure.

Easy Care

Braces usually come with an extensive list of dos and don’ts that confound and confuse the patient before they leave the orthodontist. And cleaning… well, that’s another chore altogether. But that’s not a problem with Invisalign. In fact, if your kids have decent dental hygiene habits, they’re already armed with the knowledge and abilities needed to maintain and care for their aligners. Invisalign aligners need to be removed for mealtimes and snacks. The teeth and aligners simply need to be brushed afterward before the aligners are replaced, and then again before bed. As long as the aligners are cared for correctly and consistently, decay shouldn’t be a concern.

Invisalign Is Compatible with Extra-Curricular Activities

Braces can get damaged easily, so some orthodontists limit specific activities such as sports and band. Sports and musical equipment can easily jar the mouth and pop out wires or dislodge brackets. But that’s not the case with Invisalign. The aligners still need to remain in the mouth during practice and games or performances, and the patient may require practice or a learning curve to get used to the feeling and responsiveness while wearing the device. However, a little patience is all it usually takes for your teens to get right back on track with their favorite activities. Contact your Johns Creek Dentist to see if Invisalign is right for your kid.

Porcelain Veneers vs. Invisalign

invisalignAccording to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), over one-third of American adults dislike their smiles for some reason. Almost 50% of adults remove social media photo tags, and close to 25% blame their smile for a disappointing or lackluster social life. And on top of that, nearly 80% of American adults connect a crooked or unattractive smile with being professionally unsuccessful. While that’s simply projection and opinion, the truth is someone’s opinion is often the only thing standing between remaining stagnant or advancing in life. Cosmetic dentistry offers an array of solutions to improve confidence and increase chances for success. Porcelain veneers and Invisalign are among the most popular and effective solutions to improve your smile. But how do they differ and which option is best for your needs?

 What’s So Special About Porcelain Veneers?

Anyone can have the appearance of perfect teeth thanks to porcelain veneers. This procedure is the not-so-secret celebrity solution for Red Carpet-ready smiles. Whether you have gaps, misalignment, chips, cracks, bite issues, or bad stains, porcelain veneers can quickly give you the smile of your dreams. These wafer-thin porcelain shells are custom made to each patient’s specific needs and desires. A couple appointments are usually enough to get the smile of your dreams with porcelain veneers. The dentist will discuss the patient’s needs and virtually prepare the shells during the first appointment. And the follow-up appointment will be scheduled to approve and affix them. The veneers are lab created between appointments. Porcelain veneers are somewhat invasive as the dentist must remove a small amount of enamel from the affected teeth to affix the shells. Therefore, they’re an irreversible procedure. Veneers tend to be more stain resistant than natural enamel, but heavily pigmented food and beverages can discolor the materials over time. However, if they’re taken care of properly porcelain veneers can last up to a couple decades without any issues or replacement concerns.

What’s So Special About Invisalign?

Like veneers, Invisalign is an aesthetic solution to multiple dental concerns. But Invisalign does far more than simply mask or cover the problem. Like braces, the clear aligners help straighten teeth over time and correct moderate to serious issues such as gaps, bite issues, overcrowding, and misaligned teeth. But unlike braces and veneers for that matter, Invisalign aligners are clear. Custom designed for the needs of each individual patient, the aligners are worn at least 22 hours each day and only removed for meals and snacks. And like traditional braces, Invisalign can take several months or years to correct the orthodontic issues. Unlike veneers, an Invisalign patient can opt out of the procedure if they suddenly change their mind. But if they use the aligners correctly, their patience will be rewarded with a beautiful new smile.

What’s the Best Solution?

The best solution is completely subjective and should be based on each patient’s specific needs and desires. If your dental issues are primarily visual issues such as gaps, stains, cracks, or chips and you want to improve your smile quickly, porcelain veneers may be the best choice. But if your teeth can be straightened, you have time to devote to that cause, and you’d like to save some money in the process, Invisalign can be the clear solution. A call to your Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist can help you make the final decision and get the smile you deserve.