Time for a Summer Makeover in Midtown with Cosmetic Dentistry

smile makeoverSummer’s in full-force and that means your smile has likely been on display for better or for worse. If you feel the latter is more likely, join the club. Almost one-third of Americans refuse to smile in pictures due to the condition of their teeth while over 80% feel their smile keeps them from being attractive enough to be tagged in pictures. Life’s too short to be that unhappy, especially when it’s so easy to obtain a stunning smile makeover. But what options can fit your needs for a much-needed summer confidence boost?

 Professional Tooth Whitening
Anyone can pick up an over-the-counter home whitening kit at their favorite box or discount store. But to see real results the process often needs to be repeated continuously, and in many cases that just eats through the buyer’s budget and enamel. Professional teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure for several reasons. The procedure is quick enough to see dramatic results in as little as an hour. It’s non-invasive so there are no discomfort or post sensitivity issues to worry about. And the process is completely customizable, so whether you have two or twelve shades to lose, your Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist can easily tackle the job.

Porcelain Veneers or Cerinate Lumineers
If you think your favorite celebrities or reality stars were born with perfect smiles, think again. Porcelain veneers are generally the go-to solution for the red carpet crowd. While the average American doesn’t have the luxury of having on-call beauty teams, they can still easily get the smile makeover solution of their dreams within a few office visits. Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are customized to fit right over your existing teeth. The solution is invasive as a small amount of enamel needs to be removed during the fitting process. However, if that’s a concern, Cerinate Lumineers can potentially fit the bill. At about half the width of veneers, these shells are often just as strong and durable. And since they are so thin, no enamel needs to be removed in most cases… which means they’re non-invasive and reversible if you have a change of heart later.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding
There are few solutions that can match the effectiveness, ease, and affordability of tooth bonding. This option corrects multiple issues including cracks, chips, discoloration, and jagged or misshapen teeth. The non-invasive procedure is usually completed within a single appointment and only requires light sanding of the enamel for the tooth or teeth in need of repair. The tooth is then covered in a conditioning agent, brushed with tooth-colored resin, the resin is cured, and the repaired tooth is sculpted to match its original state. A final polish completely restores the tooth or to its natural beauty.  

If you have the time and desire to permanently repair your dental concerns but want to avoid traditional braces, Invisalign may be the clear solution for your stunning smile makeover. The crystal-clear aligners are custom designed to fit over your existing teeth and help them realign to correct multiple orthodontic issues. Unlike braces, Invisalign can be removed for meals, snacks, and cleaning needs, so there’s far more freedom with this treatment option. And since there are no metal wires or brackets involved, your smile will shine through all summer long. Contact your Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist to discuss which smile makeover solutions would best fit your needs.



Top 3 Options for Missing Teeth in Manhattan



dental implantsEdentulism is a nationwide concern with almost 180 million Americans missing at least one tooth and 40 million missing an entire mouthful. As we age, the problem intensifies. Decay is the primary culprit of shifting, loose, and eventually dislodged teeth, and it often begins with early signs of gum disease. Inflamed, tender, and bleeding gums are serious warning signs of advancing periodontal disease… from which approximately half of Americans suffer. Once the advanced symptoms set in, simple home oral health care isn’t enough to reverse the problem. Ignored or avoided too long and avulsion is bound to occur. Fortunately, your Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist has a few effective solutions for missing teeth.

 Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridge
A missing tooth leaves a gap in the mouth that not only results in severe confidence issues and the refusal to smile. It also provides the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and decay. While the surrounding teeth may be strong at first, ignore the missing tooth long enough and bacteria will begin eating away at the unprotected teeth as well. Damaged teeth often are repaired with porcelain crowns, but once a tooth completely falls out a porcelain bridge is needed. In this procedure, two crowns fit over the surrounding teeth on either end of the gap and the bridge itself fits directly into the gap. Thus, all spaces are secured and normal tooth functionality returns. With proper dental care and professional check-ups, a bridge can last well over a decade.

Dental procedures have pretty much stayed the same over the years, but dental materials constantly evolve and improve. So modern dentures aren’t the same as the fake-looking gum-smacking variety your great-grandparents may have worn. Depending on the amount of tooth loss, your Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist may recommend full or partial dentures. Full dentures replace the entire top or bottom row of teeth while partials are created to fit into your mouth like a puzzle piece or Lego block, effectively replacing the gaps left by a few missing teeth. The porcelain caps within dentures are attached to a base resembling your natural gum. Color compatible dental-strength adhesive then holds the partial or full denture in place to your natural gum or even snaps onto metal clasps so slippage and discomfort are things of the past. Like many things in life, there is a learning curve for wearing dentures comfortably. But it’s a short curve for most patients.

Dental Implants
The concept of removable or non-permanent tooth replacement structures doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you’re among that crowd, dental implants may be a better option for your needs. Unlike other tooth replacement options that attach to surrounding teeth or are glued into the mouth, dental implants are surgically implanted to permanently replace the missing teeth. As such, all functionality is restored, and that often results in reverse aging as the facial structure also returns. Due to the surgical aspect, dental implants are an invasive procedure and require several appointments to complete. Three phases of the procedure include abutment implantation, osseointegration (bone acceptance and healing), and finally, placement of the porcelain crowns. Regardless of your needs or budget, Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist has a replacement solution that can fit your needs.


5 Summertime Dental Tips for Kids

dental tipsThe 12 weeks of summer break offer freedom and fun to over 55 million school-age children nationwide. But those 84 days of adventure can lead to more than giggles, sunburn, and scraped knees. Ignoring, avoiding, or postponing dental needs during summer break can lead to disastrous consequences that can permanently damage your child’s smile. While homework, schedules, and uniforms may be put on hold, proper dental care and attention must continue. Fortunately, protecting your kid’s smile during summer vacation is easy if they follow a few simple but effective dental tips.

Continue Or Improve Oral Hygiene Habits
Brushing teeth in the morning before school starts is an easy habit to maintain. But once summer hits, schedules change quickly and throw everything off. It’s easy for dental hygiene habits to be forgotten as sleep and play routines adjust. Your kids may still be asleep when you leave for work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still monitor their dental behaviors. Leave reminders. Enact reward systems. Even load fun game-like dental apps on their phone. It will make summer brushing a blast.

Go Toothbrush Shopping
According to industry experts, you should be changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months. So chances are, everyone in the household is just about ready for a new toothbrush. Even if they’re not, they’re generally cheap enough that making summer toothbrush shopping an annual family event can keep your kids and their dentist smiling through the summer. Let the kids pick out their own to keep them motivated. And if the budget allows why not pick up some new floss and some fun rinse options? Make your kids feel like they have a say in every step of the process and oral hygiene won’t feel like a chore. 

Watch the Sugar Intake
Summer is guaranteed to offer plenty of chances to rot your kids’ teeth. From Popsicles and soda to festive deserts and even gum, sugar’s bound to be easily obtained. Fortunately, you can offset those cravings by keeping the right food on hand. Instead of loading the freezer with confection, opt to freeze some cotton candy grapes. Keep plenty of fruit and veggies in the crisper. And make sure your kids primarily drink water and milk throughout the day. While cutting all sugar is practically impossible, a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference. 

Use Mouth Guards for Summer Sports
Over 5 million teeth are avulsed annually at a lifetime cost of anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000. Many of those teeth are injured or knocked out during summer sports. But using a simple device can help decrease the risks of dental injury so everyone can continue having fun. Risks of orofacial injury in sports are almost 200% more likely without the use of a mouth guard. Both the International Academy of Sports Dentistry and American Dental Association recommend mouth guards for almost 30 different activities. And since they can be easily and affordably obtained via your dentist or even at a box store, there’s no reason not to stock up.

 Schedule Your Dental Visits Early
The ADA recommends bi-annual dental visits for each family member to keep everyone’s teeth healthy and strong. Most parents opt to wait until the end of the summer to schedule their kids’ appointments. But that can create quite a jam for a busy dental team and extra stress for families busy with back-to-school errands and obligations. Scheduling the appointments with your Johns Creek dentist in early to mid-summer can ensure your kids’ teeth are fresh and ready for fall. And you can even pick up the mouth guards and summer health tips needed to keep everyone active and safe all summer long.

4 Benefits of a Holistic Smile Makeover

dental fillingIf you happen to hate your smile, you’re definitely not in a club by yourself. Accordingto studies, almost 30% of American adults hate smiling due to dental-related confidence issues. No one’s really born with a perfect smile, regardless of what Hollywood and reality shows reflect, but the average American doesn’t have a beauty team on call 24/7. Nonetheless, whether you have one issue or several dental issues to correct, the right smile makeover can drastically improve your appearance and also improve your life. But what are the real benefits of opting for holistic dentistry treatments?

Silver Fillings Are Never a Solution
Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, the fact is that mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet. The average person gets enough mercury through fish and various products we come into contact with on a regular basis, so why should your dentist opt to seal your fillings with the toxic substance? That’s never an issue with holistic dentistry treatments. Using modern composite materials that can be easily matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth, you’ll neither need to worry about the toxicity or unsightliness of mercury fillings.

Non-Invasive Smile Makeover Options
Repair and cosmetic work via traditional dentistry can be invasive and even painful. Porcelain veneers require removing existing enamel. Decay removal can lead to a painful and expensive root canal. And many anesthetic treatments result in overdose, allergies, or other adverse reactions. That’s not the case with your Fort Lauderdale dentist. Lumineers can offer the same type of results as porcelain veneers without invasive prep work. Root canals are never part of a holistic dentistry treatment. And in most cases, anesthesia doesn’t need to even be suggested. 

Biocompatible Testing Is Always Provided for Safe and Effective Treatment
So many things in life parade as one-size-fits-all solutions, but your dental treatments should never be among them. Traditional dentistry doesn’t undergo the strict material testing that holistic dentistry does to ensure all products are biocompatible with the patient’s natural body chemistry. Such compatibility testing eliminates threats and concerns regarding systematic reactions and multiple diseases linked to toxic materials that easily break down via the mouth and are inhaled into the bloodstream. So you can rest assured your new smile won’t be the cause of future chronic conditions and disease.

Say Goodbye to Dental Avoidance and Yes to Success!
A recent study by the American Dental Association discovered that tooth pain and anxiety hinder job search success for many millennials. The study also disclosed that over 30% of young adults suffer from untreated dental decay and 28% believe the condition of their teeth undermines their chances of a positive interview. Unlike traditional dentistry, holistic dentistry treatments focus on non-invasive, natural relaxants, and toxic-free solutions to correct multiple issues or simply the one that is keeping you from flashing those pearly whites. Special techniques preserve as much as the existing tooth surface as possible so you don’t lose your natural beauty in the process of repairing the problem. Contact your Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist today to discuss which holistic dentistry treatments can improve your life.

Make Your Summer Fun with Invisalign

InvisalignSummer and freedom go hand-in-hand, but traditional orthodontic treatments can create serious seasonal challenges. Sports, snacks, and smiling galore are part of the summer experience, yet all three of those are all-too-often limited while wearing metal braces or dealing with untreated dental issues. Wearing Invisalign can make all the difference this summer. But just how can your Red Bank dentist make your summer fun with Invisalign?

 Invisalign Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Treats

 Summer treats are around every corner, and even items like Popsicles, pizza, and trail mix can get stuck in braces. Moreover, they can damage the wires leading to an expensive and often painful experience. That’s not a concern with Invisalign. While the general rule is still not to go overboard, the ability to remove the aligners means there really are no limits on what you can enjoy… within reason, of course. So taste that taffy, pulverize that pizza, and chomp on those churros. Just make sure to follow-up with proper cleaning and replacing your aligners after snack or meal time.

 Invisalign Lets You Play Your Favorite Sports

 Sports and rough play of all kinds are just part of the summer experience, but that can be a serious challenge with traditional braces. In this day and age of extreme sports-related injuries, mouth guards are often a requirement. Invisalign aligners may seem as though they’d work for that purpose, but that can be a painful and expensive mistake. Invisalign is not the same as a mouth guard and the aligners can actually shift and harm the mouth if left in during sports play. Plenty of fun can still be had. Just make sure your kids know to remove the aligners prior to wearing the appropriate mouth guard for sports play and replace the aligners when they’re done.

 Invisalign Keeps Everyone Smiling

 According to a national study, almost one-third of Americans don’t smile in pictures and over 80% of Americans admit they don’t think their smile is attractive. With social media invading homes, schools, and businesses, millions of Americans end up scrambling to untag themselves on a regular basis. This is a common situation while wearing metal braces because social media easily becomes viral and kids have it rough enough without the extra bullying from complete strangers. But Invisalign allows your confidence shine through. So let that gorgeous smile reflect the fun you’re having this summer. No one has to know you’re wearing your aligners unless you disclose that fact, and all anyone will notice is your brilliant smile.

 Invisalign Is a Comfortable, Convenient, and Quick Solution

 Wearing Invisalign can be a comfortable, convenient, and quick solution to multiple orthodontic needs as long as the basic rules are followed. Invisalign aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day to be effective. Since they’re removable, that allows extra freedom to eat, snack, drink your favorite beverages and even give your gums a break if needed. Cleaning is simple since gentle detergent or even toothpaste and a soft toothbrush work wonders. And while traditional braces may take up to five years to complete treatment, Invisalign treatment can be completed in an average of 18 months. Contact your Red Bank dentist to see if Invisalign is right for you.


5 Smile-Friendly Tips for Summer Dental Care

summer dental careSummer freedom and fun can do a real number on your family’s schedules and personal habits. All that free time can specifically create havoc on oral hygiene habits. After all, sleeping in and late nights may be highlights of the season, but your kids’ teeth will likely suffer the consequences if they’re not careful. The last thing anyone wants is a mouth full of decay and potentially damaged teeth upon starting the new school year. Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your teeth if you’re diligent and follow five simple rules for summer dental care.

Go on a Dental Shopping Adventure
The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months, so chances are at least someone in the household needs a new one. Even if they’re not quite worn, summer’s still a good time to reinforce the habit while focusing on the fun element. An easy way to achieve this is to take your kids shopping and let them pick out their new equipment. From superheroes to princesses or even just funky color combinations, everyone’s bound to find the perfect new toothbrush to keep their dental habits strong all summer long.

Schedule Daily Oral Health Care for the Entire Household
Most dentists agree that brushing should be done for at least two minutes twice a day. If you’re able to do it three times per day, even better. Once in the morning, or whenever they finally roll out of bed, and again at the end of the day is a good plan for ensuring it gets done. Flossing should be done once a day. Leave reminders on the refrigerator, have daily text check-ins for verification, or even create a reward chart so there are some fun prizes linked to good check-ups.

Stock Your Kitchen with Summer-Friendly Snacks
Play dates, overnights, and beach or pool adventures provide plenty of access to poor food choices and sugary treats. Candy, cookies, soda, and even a pizza binge can result in an acid attack on the teeth. But when healthy snacks and options are available at home, there’s less chance your kids will have so much junk food on their minds. Keep your refrigerator stocked with fresh produce like baby carrots, berries, and baggies of fresh goodies ready to grab and go on a moment’s notice. And encourage water and milk as their main beverage options instead of sugar-laden drinks like soda, fruit juice, and energy drinks.

Prepare and Prevent Dental Emergencies
Water fun, sports, and bike riding increase in the summer, but so do the injuries. Over 5 million teeth are avulsed annually nationwide, and many of those occur during summer play. Talk to your kids about the importance of following pool rules and street rules. Make a curfew and house rules to ensure everyone’s where they’re supposed to be at a reasonable time. And stock up on mouth guards to help avoid or minimize orofacial injuries.

Schedule Your Back-to-School Dental Visits Early
A back-to-school dental exam is a great way to ensure your kids’ teeth remain clean and strong. And some schools actually require the exam prior to returning for the school year. Regardless of whether your school requires or simply recommends the option, it’s still important to fit it into your summer schedule. But you certainly don’t have to wait until a few weeks before school resumes. Schedule your appointments early with your Moorestown Biomimetic Dentist to beat the inevitable August rush and get some tips from the pros for ensuring the entire family keeps smiling all summer long.