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Our talented and experienced team members are the driving force behind our company. We have clinical and managerial experience serving client needs in acute inpatient and outpatient settings, health and life insurance, and health policy and program administration. Our recent experience in concurrent review with the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust (URMBT) for the major insurance companies in Michigan allows us to recognize the unique medical challenges faced by such patients. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the most dynamic and well-qualified professionals in the industry. Quality monitoring and quality improvement are built into our all our strategies.

Our advisory physician serves as the “captain” of the multidisciplinary care team in complex case coordination.  The team consists of physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and a social worker.   It collaborates with client’s primary care physician and other providers to improve communication between the providers and the patient.  Our highly skilled and compassionate registered nurses focus on assessments and care plans, while our medical assistants conduct client outreach and follow-up (REF: Health Care Advisory Board)

Daria Massimilla
Daria Massimilla, MPH, RN

President: Daria Massimilla, MPH, RN has 25 years of experience in clinical, health behavior and health policy arenas, program implementation and management.


eric mulkey
Eric Mulkey, MBA

Advisor: Eric W. Mulkey, MBA has diverse experience in various sectors of healthcare industry, ranging from pharmaceutical, medical device, hospital equipment, in sales, research, distribution, supply intelligence, long term care, assisted living, physician practices, Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and reimbursement. He understands how various sectors interact and evolve together in rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

As a Director of Business Development and the Lead Advisor of Dallas based Key Management LLC, Mr. Mulkey has helped numerous physicians turnaround their failing practices by providing management consultations such as referral strategies and implementation of processes that dramatically improved financial and operational efficiencies. His strategic insight and analytical skills are also highly sought after by start-up and medium-sized healthcare companies that seek to reposition themselves or venture into a new opportunity.

Mr. Mulkey’s passion, however, is in sales force development. He has created some of the most formidable sales force in pharmaceutical and hospital equipment industries. He has trained numerous individuals and large groups hands-on as well as a part of new hire, leadership or advanced sales training programs to teach various selling techniques, including consultative, challenger, and closing.

Jessie Huang, MD
Jessie Huang, MD

Advisor: Jessie Huang, MD – Dr. Huang combines her unique background in basic science, medicine, and international business to help her clients identify opportunities for new products and services.

She studied medicine and business administration at Stanford University and practiced Pediatric Neurosurgery at NYU (New York University), UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) and in private practice for nearly two decades. Dr. Huang is an author of numerous publications in basic science research and clinical studies.

In the late 1990s, in the midst of Asian Financial Crisis, a major Asian conglomerate recruited Dr. Huang to manage its investment portfolio of over hundred companies. She spent the next decade in China, Japan, Taiwan, HK, Vietnam, London, and Silicon Valley overseeing M&A, strategic partnerships, private equity, IPO, due diligence preparations, financial feasibility, business plan analysis, and executive recruitment in emergent technology and businesses. Dr. Huang served on the Board of numerous multinational companies. Her industry familiarity includes healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, contract manufacturing/research, as well as automotive, infrastructure, investment banking and insurance.

In 2008, after a decade of working overseas, Dr. Huang decided to return to the US to pursue her career in investment management and advisory services. Her exceptional analytic skills and strategic insight have helped numerous businesses launch first products, turnaround business, identify strategic alternatives and grow into leading companies in global stock exchanges, including several in Asia.

Her current interests include private equity, financial and strategic analysis in emergent businesses.

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