Health Achievement Strategies


We love our clients!  We believe each client/patient requires and deserves personalized attention.  We start with gaining an understanding our client’s unique preferences, needs and goals for achieving better health.  We then consider their level of support and resources and work off their strengths to shape a viable care plan to fill any gaps in care for the best outcomes. We work in collaboration with our clients and their families.  Where relevant, we harness state of the art health IT tools to systematize this approach and facilitate the flow of information to enable cost-effective care, and to make our services ultimately convenient and affordable to our clients.

“If you are not focused on cost and quality, you are not innovating in healthcare”  (Source: OECD, Institute of Medicine)

Effort towards Accreditation

We evaluate our own processes routinely to find ways to continually improve the cost and quality of our services.  Our services are research and theory-based and our approach is comprehensive and timely.  We are working towards making all our services and evaluation measures be consistent with National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA; standards.  


To empower people overcome obstacles they face in achieving their optimal health to keep them out of hospitals. We are committed to improving the lives of people with complex chronic conditions by pairing personalized attention with state of the art technology, gently turning their health around.

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