4 Benefits of a Holistic Smile Makeover

dental fillingIf you happen to hate your smile, you’re definitely not in a club by yourself. Accordingto studies, almost 30% of American adults hate smiling due to dental-related confidence issues. No one’s really born with a perfect smile, regardless of what Hollywood and reality shows reflect, but the average American doesn’t have a beauty team on call 24/7. Nonetheless, whether you have one issue or several dental issues to correct, the right smile makeover can drastically improve your appearance and also improve your life. But what are the real benefits of opting for holistic dentistry treatments?

Silver Fillings Are Never a Solution
Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, the fact is that mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet. The average person gets enough mercury through fish and various products we come into contact with on a regular basis, so why should your dentist opt to seal your fillings with the toxic substance? That’s never an issue with holistic dentistry treatments. Using modern composite materials that can be easily matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth, you’ll neither need to worry about the toxicity or unsightliness of mercury fillings.

Non-Invasive Smile Makeover Options
Repair and cosmetic work via traditional dentistry can be invasive and even painful. Porcelain veneers require removing existing enamel. Decay removal can lead to a painful and expensive root canal. And many anesthetic treatments result in overdose, allergies, or other adverse reactions. That’s not the case with your Fort Lauderdale dentist. Lumineers can offer the same type of results as porcelain veneers without invasive prep work. Root canals are never part of a holistic dentistry treatment. And in most cases, anesthesia doesn’t need to even be suggested. 

Biocompatible Testing Is Always Provided for Safe and Effective Treatment
So many things in life parade as one-size-fits-all solutions, but your dental treatments should never be among them. Traditional dentistry doesn’t undergo the strict material testing that holistic dentistry does to ensure all products are biocompatible with the patient’s natural body chemistry. Such compatibility testing eliminates threats and concerns regarding systematic reactions and multiple diseases linked to toxic materials that easily break down via the mouth and are inhaled into the bloodstream. So you can rest assured your new smile won’t be the cause of future chronic conditions and disease.

Say Goodbye to Dental Avoidance and Yes to Success!
A recent study by the American Dental Association discovered that tooth pain and anxiety hinder job search success for many millennials. The study also disclosed that over 30% of young adults suffer from untreated dental decay and 28% believe the condition of their teeth undermines their chances of a positive interview. Unlike traditional dentistry, holistic dentistry treatments focus on non-invasive, natural relaxants, and toxic-free solutions to correct multiple issues or simply the one that is keeping you from flashing those pearly whites. Special techniques preserve as much as the existing tooth surface as possible so you don’t lose your natural beauty in the process of repairing the problem. Contact your Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist today to discuss which holistic dentistry treatments can improve your life.