Make Your Smile Sparkle with Teeth Whitening Treatment

teeth whiteningAge and dental issues tend to go hand-in-hand, but not all dental issues are equal. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry option for improving your smile practically overnight, and it seems like there’s a magical whitening cure around every corner. A recent study disclosed that 80% of American adults through age 50 admit to wanting whiter teeth and 85% of those were women. Of course, while chewing on mint, loading your lunch with strawberries, or brushing with charcoal may not hurt anyone, there are two main ways to legitimately whiten your teeth quickly and effectively: continuously buy store-bought box kits and use them correctly every time or visit your Moorestown Dentist and let them handle the job. But why should you seriously lean towards the latter option for your teeth whitening needs?

Professional Teeth Whitening is Safe and Effective

When you choose professional teeth whitening at your Moorestown Dentist, you’re in professional hands from start to finish. They have the knowledge and experience to walk each patient through the process, obtain the necessary information to provide the best possible treatment, and offer safe equipment and materials that won’t hurt, harm, or resort in damage down the road. Most in-office professional teeth whitening can be completed within an hour and leave the patient smiling for weeks or months to come.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Gets Rid of Deep Stains

 Tooth stains are categorized into two varieties: extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains is the most common type that are requested to be whitened with either professional or over-the-counter means. These stains are external, most often occurring due to diet choices, poor oral health habits, or vices. While store-bought kits can lighten some mild-to-moderate stains, professional whitening can brighten even the most stubborn extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, are internal stains often due to genetics, previous tooth trauma, age, or pulp damage. These stains cannot be whitened by peroxide-based teeth whitening solutions of any kind. However, your Moorestown Dentist can still offer a solution for correcting those issues as well.

 You Will Receive a Comprehensive and Customized Treatment

There’s certainly no shortage of over-the-counter or “miracle” store-bought whitening products available. But those products don’t contain anywhere near the amount of whitening agents needed to give you the results they promise, let alone those most consumers expect. As a result, many people end up accidentally abusing the products by either using too much of them or using them too often, hoping for better results. That doesn’t work. Instead, it often leads to gum or tissue irritation and irreversible enamel damage. Your Moorestown Dentist can provide a customized whitening system that is specifically targeted to your individual needs and desires. That means you’ll get to avoid the guesswork, worry, and potential pain or damage and future repair costs from trying to save a few bucks up front.

Your Confidence Will Soar

It’s no secret that modern Americans have ridiculously high beauty standards, but over half of American are insecure about their smile. According to another national study, 61% of American adults would fix their teeth if they could, and while several several reasons are mentioned, whitening tops the list of preferred options. Professional teeth whitening is more expensive upfront compared to store-bought options, but it’s also safer, more effective, and a totally customized solution to reversing premature aging and regaining a beautiful smile. Give your Moorestown Dentist a call when you’re ready to get your confidence back in as little as an hour.