Does Your Social Media Profile Need a Smile Makeover?  

Pretty Smiling GirlThere are hundreds of active social media sites on the internet, but Facebook is still the grandfather with over 2 billion active users. Considering that’s almost one-quarter of the planet’s human population, that’s a pretty significant turnout. Like it or hate it, social media is here to stay, and even with multiple site accounts, almost 40% of the world’s population is social media-driven. Younger users tend to be the majority, but there are still over 60 million business pages on Facebook alone. That translates to a lot of potential connections or even customers possibly picking apart every picture listed on your page. The right cosmetic dentistry procedures can help make everything shine, but how do you know if your social media profile really needs a smile makeover?

 Your Teeth Are Significantly Or Severely Stained
Life is messy and food, beverages, and vices stain more than your clothes or upholstery. They stain your teeth as well. Over the course of time, even certain produce like dark berries can darken your enamel by several shades. Store-bought whitening aids like whitening pastes, rinses, and even dental strips rarely come near delivering the promises on the packages. Moreover, they can be abrasive enough to cause damage or set the stains in further. In-office professional teeth whitening can be fully customized to fit each patient’s needs to remove several shades. It can even be completed over your lunch break, split into several appointments, or packaged to apply at home. The results can thereby be as subtle or shocking as your online social media presence requires it to be.

 Your Teeth Are Obviously Crooked
A number of factors can affect the positioning of one’s teeth, and they’re often hard if not impossible to control on your own. First impressions are everything, and the human brain recognizes someone with straight teeth to be more attractive than someone with obviously crooked teeth. Social media is a quick-paced connection that often relies on first impressions and instant decisions to build followers. But straight teeth are far more than aesthetic. They also offer less places for decay to hide, so there’s less risk for cavities and gum disease. Your Midtown Manhattan dentist can provide solutions to clean, straighten, and adjust teeth to make them ready for their close up. And that effort can result in better first impressions which translate to extra connections and customers.

Your Teeth are Misshapen
Stains and alignment are common cosmetic dentistry concerns, yet misshaped teeth are often overlooked or ignored. Straight teeth can still be unattractive if they’re not shaped correctly. Uneven or worn down teeth can be a result of several issues including cracks, chips, decay, injury, and bruxism. No amount of straightening can repair those issues. However, other cosmetic dentistry procedures can. Bonding, contouring, caps, bridges, and porcelain veneers are some of the most common solutions. Your Midtown Manhattan dentist can help you decide which procedures fit your needs to ensure your social media profile’s picture perfect.