Fall is the Best Time for a Dental Check Up

dental check-up Summer’s an exciting time for kids and parents alike, but it often feels too short… at least on the kid end. By the time the nights start cooling and the weeks of freedom head toward fall, parents tend to scramble to get everything ready for the new school year. The warmer months are popular times for preventive dentistry appointments, yet as over 50 million kids prepare to head back to school, summer appointments fill quickly. It’s easy to push those dental appointments to the end of the to-do list, assuming you’ll get to them eventually. Of course, waiting too long can lead to all sorts of extra unnecessary issues. The truth is, fall really is one of the best times to get a jump on your household dental check-ups. But why is that the case?

A Better Smile Leads to Success
Research proves time and time again the mental powers behind a good smile. From decreasing depression to being an addictive quality in others, the act of smiling alone can be a life changer. Kids are especially pressured at the beginning of a new school year to fit in and stay uplifted in order to succeed. And their smile or lack thereof plays a big role in the final outcome. New schools, classes, friends, and social opportunities all create a sense of welcoming or foreboding to the typical adolescent. The more confident they are, the more they’ll smile… and vice versa. And it’s not just kids. A healthy smile increases trust and sets a great first impression between adults which can translate to better social, romantic and professional opportunities and success.

The Kids Can’t Play without the OK
Team sports and activity-based extra-curricular options are rites of passage for many kids. But they can be dangerous without proper safety equipment. Moreover, active or rough play can damage not only expensive orthodontic materials but also existing teeth and sensitive mouth tissue during treatment. The last thing anyone wants is to lose their teeth or extend their dental treatment for months or years due to trying to cut corners or shave a few bucks on the cost of upfront athletic equipment. Therefore, most dentists strongly suggest at least wearing a mouth guard while playing sports. In fact, many school athletic programs nowadays require preventive dentistry check-ups and proof of mouth protection prior to letting the kids play.

It’s Treat Season
The end of summer doesn’t mean festivals are over… not by a long shot. Tons of festivals occur in fall and sweet, sticky treats are often a major part of the fun. Unfortunately, those sweet baked goods, sugary sodas, and sticky confections can wreak havoc on dental health and existing orthodontic procedures like braces, bridges, and fillings. On top of that, over 75% of U.S. homes pass out or otherwise participate in Halloween candy hauls. And over 70% of parents share in their kids’ goody bags. Preventive dentistry in the form of cleanings, full exams, and general check-ups are essential to maintaining proper dental health for a lifetime. Call your Manhattan dentist when you’re ready to prioritize your family’s smiles.