Amp Up Your Online Dating Profile with a Springtime Smile Makeover

springtime smile makeover Chandler dentistRecent findings of a national survey involving 2,000 respondents disclosed that 76% of Americans agree a person’s smile makes more of an impression than any other aspect, including eyes, clothing, and social media presence. Having a great smile can be a huge advantage for those entering or re-entering the dating game. Of course, it can also be an issue if your smile’s not up to par. If you’re looking to enhance your online dating profile and make a great first impression, a springtime smile makeover can be a great place to start. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case. 

A Smile Makeover Can Boost Your Confidence

According to the American Dental Association, 40 million Americans avoid smiling due to the condition of their teeth. A brighter, whiter smile can help boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive. This leads to smiling more which others can’t help but return. That can result in improved self-esteem, as well as being more comfortable and confident when meeting new people.

A Brighter Smile Can Enhance Your Appearance

Being attractive doesn’t matter if you don’t have the confidence to back it up. But you also have to see yourself as worthy of someone else’s interest to get there in the first place. A smile makeover can help enhance your appearance, making you look more polished and put-together. This can be especially important for online dating, where first impressions are everything.

A Better Smile Can Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

As of 2021, 323 people globally admitted to using online dating websites and apps as their primary source for connecting with and meeting new people. Approximately 20% of Americans admit to currently using dating apps. With so many people using online dating apps and websites, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. A great smile can help you do just that, catching the eye of potential matches and making you more memorable right off the bat.

A Great Smile Can Show Off Your Personality

As far as overplayed tropes are concerned, attractive people stereotypically don’t always have the best personalities, and those with amazing personalities don’t always catch the eye. We all know those are specific occurrences, and beauty is subjective. However, you can have your cake and eat it too by improving your smile. A smile makeover can make you want to smile more and let your inner beauty and self-assuredness shine through. A great smile can help you show off your personality, making you appear more friendly, approachable, and outgoing. 

That can be incredibly helpful when it comes to improving multiple aspects of your life, including personal goals, career-related plans, and social connections. It’s especially helpful when trying to meet or connect with someone new. A springtime smile makeover may not be a magic pill that fixes every issue in your life overnight, but it can be a great investment in yourself and your dating life. Call us today to consult with your Chandler dentist and decide which treatment options are best for your needs.