Optimizing care coordination for better heath outcomes

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Transitional Care

Our compassionate nurses discover care gaps and provide access to key healthcare resources. more

Tailored Care Coordination

Our research-based protocols are customized to individual patient needs and goals. more


Personal contact plus remote monitoring helps patients stay on plan with timely response to health changes. more

Navigating the healthcare continuum

Benefits of our healthcare services in Southeast Michigan

Streamlining Care Coordination

We will make complying with the new health law easier to save you time. Our advanced technology and evidence-based methods streamline and improve care plan adherence.

Reducing Avoidable Readmissions

Our relentless focus on quality measures and spending targets will help you increase incentive payments and reduce penalties for avoidable hospitalizations.

Improving Health Outcomes

Our patient-driven approach improves compliance with care plans. Better predictive modeling selects high risk patients most likely to improve health outcome measures.

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